Wilmington Voters Embrace Pergola

03/03/10 6:06AM By Ross Sneyd

(Host) Wilmington voters embraced a new "pergola" built in their downtown.

The structure is in a new town park that was built on the site of a bank that burned down. But some townspeople argued it was out of place in their historic business district.

But at town meeting, voters decided it should stay. Architect Joseph Cincotti designed the pergola. He says it fits in with the eclectic buildings in Wilmington.

(Cincotti) "The Wilmington street scape is one of the most diverse architectural streetscapes in Vermont. Unlike other Vermont towns, which tend to have one or two styles, Wilmington is quite unique."

(Host) The vote in Wilmington was 397 in favor of keeping the pergola and 248 who wanted to take it down.


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