VT Edition: Soldier Returning To Afghanistan Hopes To Make A Difference

02/17/10 1:34PM By Steve Zind
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VPR/Steve Zind
Jacob Sotak

(Host intro)  In the past, and certainly in the coming year, members of the National Guard will account for the lion's share of the Vermonters serving in the military in Afghanistan.

But there are other soldiers with Vermont ties who'll be serving in that country. 

Right now 25 year old Jacob Sotak works as a produce assistant at the South Royalton Market. 

He was in Afghanistan for a year in 2004 and he plans to return next year as a civil affairs officer in the Army Reserve.  

VPR's Steve Zind caught up with him recently and spoke to Sotak about his time in Afghanistan and his plans for the future.


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