Vt. Health Dept. Says Flu Waning, Still A Threat

12/03/09 6:06AM

The Vermont Health commissioner says the swine flu outbreak appears to be waning in the state.

But Dr. Wendy Davis says the incidence of H1N1 swine flu is still widespread and there are still many people at high risk of complications who have not been vaccinated.

During her weekly news briefing, Davis says that between September 1st and November 28th, 130 people were hospitalized in Vermont with swine flu.

Vermont has had three swine flu deaths, all in adults with underlying health conditions.

Davis says the people hospitalized ranged in age from 1 month to 85 years.

Davis says that while swine flu appears to be receding it could return in the future for another wave.

She is urging people at high risk to be vaccinated.


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