NH's Toumpas notes possible cutbacks in Medicaid

10/01/09 7:54AM

New Hampshire's health and human services commissioner says unless adjustments are made, Medicaid and state welfare assistance spending will have to be cut because of rising caseloads.

Nick Toumpas told the Legislative Fiscal Committee on Tuesday that public assistance caseloads have been growing in the last year, and in the last quarter that percentage has accelerated.

A recent quarterly report from the department said without reductions, spending in Medicaid will be $7.6 million over budget this year and the cost overrun in Transitional Assistance to Needy Families will be $2.1 million.

Toumpas had announced he was cutting expected benefits to community mental health centers to avert a deficit of $3 million this year.

Note: Information for this report came from The Telegraph


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