Weddings begin as same-sex marriage law takes effect

09/01/09 8:53AM

AP Photo/Andy Duback
Bill Slimback, left, and Bob Sullivan, both of Whitehall, N.Y., exchange rings during their wedding ceremony at Moose Meadow Lodge in Waterbury, Vt., while Justice of the Peace Greg Trulson, center, who is a co-owner of the lodge, officiates on Tuesday, S

Bill Slimback and Bob Sullivan waited 17 years. They finally tied the knot in a midnight ceremony at a lodge in Vermont.

Thirty-eight-year old Slimback and 41-year-old Sullivan planned the ceremony for late Monday and were pronounced married just after midnight early this morning, when a new law legalizing same-sex marriage took effect.

Greg Trulson, who's a Justice of the Peace, performed the ceremony at his Moose Meadow Lodge in Duxbury.

Slimback says he and Sullivan - who are from Whitehall, N.Y. - have long wanted to cement their relationship by marriage. Since they can't legally marry in New York they chose to have their wedding in Vermont.



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