Soovin Kim and Ignat Solzhenitsyn on New Music Festival

08/25/09 12:50PM By Sarah Ashworth
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Lisa-Marie Mazzucco
Soovin Kim
Vermont's Marlboro Music School and Festival is one of our region's best known summer music gathering for young musicians.  Now one of its esteemed alums, violinist Soovin Kim, has begun his own festival.  The Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival is underway this week in Colchester at the Elley-Long Music Center, and will also include free performances on Church Street in Burlington. 


VPR Classical music host Walter Parker invited Soovin Kim and one of the festival's performers, pianist Ignat Solzhenitsyn, into the studio to talk about the festival. 

Kim and Solzhenitsyn both grew up in the region and spent their own youthful summers training at Marlboro.  Those experiences helped shape their careers, and helped them form a long lasting friendship. 


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