More stimulus money makes its way to Vermont

07/27/09 5:50PM By Lynne McCrea

AP Photo/Toby Talbot
(Host) More federal stimulus money has made its way to Vermont.

The U.S. Secretary of Education says more than $52 million was released to the state Monday, to help save teaching jobs and promote education reform.

RaeAnn Knopf is coordinator of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for Vermont's education department. She says the money will be distributed proportionally to schools across the state.

(Knopf) "In some states dramatic reductions had already occurred in their education funding, and so they're using these funds to replenish some of that funding. In our state that had not yet occurred - so these particular funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment act are being used to prevent tax increases across the state as a result of education funding levels for the coming two years."   

(Host)  In receiving the funds, Knopf says Vermont is required to account for how the money is used:

(Knopf) "It's 3 categories.  Jobs that were retained, jobs that were created, or taxes that were averted."  

(Host) To be eligible for the funds, the state had to assure the U.S. Department of Education that it would track information regarding the quality of classroom teaching, student progress and school improvement.

Vermont will be eligible to apply for an additional $25 million in school stimulus funds this fall.


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