Thrufters & Throughstones: Hegonay/Gwanuday

07/23/09 2:20PM
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Marge Bruchac and Justin Kennick - "Hand in Hand"
To celebrate Lake Champlain's Quadricentennial, the Vermont music collective Big Heavy World, the Vermont Folklife Center, and the Vermont Historical Society have produced a two-CD set that chronicles our region's musical history.

The compilation is called Thrufters and Throughstones, named for the special stones that help anchor the rocks in New England stone walls. The name is meant to symbolize the continuity of music in Vermont.

This week, Vermont Edition is exploring some of the music included in the collection.

Today we hear Hegonay/Gwanuday, by Hand in Hand (Marge Bruchac and Justin Kennick).

It's from the CD 'Zahkiwi Lintow8ganal / Voices in the Woods." Written by Jesse Bruchac and Lalania Boots. Produced by Marge Bruchac. Recorded at Spare Room Studio, Bethlehem, NH. Marge Bruchac, vocals; Justin Kennick, vocals.

The Abenaki word "Gwanuday" is heard in many of the different Wabanaki greeting songs. This cut combines a greeting song with a feast song, typically sung at gatherings that brought different tribal bands or tribes together.



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