Susan Bartlett says she’ll run for governor

06/04/09 7:34AM By Ross Sneyd

AP Photo/Toby Talbot
(Host) State Senator Susan Bartlett of Lamoille County says she'll be joining the crowded field of Democrats who plan to run for governor.

Bartlett told VPR News that she needs to wrap up some legislative business before she begins to campaign.

(Bartlett) "Come about July, I will be talking folks and then sort of officially launching a campaign. But I expect it'll be the middle of July before I get through the odds and ends of personal things I need to do and then officially launch a campaign. But, yes, I am definitely running."

(Host) Secretary of State Deb Markowitz and Chittenden state Senator Doug Racine have already begun to campaign.

Other Democrats have been looking at the race, too, but none has jumped in.

Governor Jim Douglas hasn't announced his own plans.


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