UVM says more layoffs might not be necessary

04/28/09 6:34AM By John Dillon

AP Photo/Toby Talbot
(Host) The University of Vermont hopes to avoid a new round of lay-offs and possibly reinstate some part-time faculty.

The school had warned in February that up to 26 people would have to be let go because of the budget deficit. Richard Cate is the university's vice president for finance and administration. He says the situation has improved since then.

(Cate) We're down closer to 19 or 20 at this point, because some of those folks have found other jobs within the university. But the key thing is, the remainder of those folks would not be laid off.

(Host) Budget cuts and lay offs at UVM have triggered protests from students who charged that the school was slashing academic programs.

Cate says the recent decision to avoid future lay-offs was not made in response to student demands. He said administrators never wanted to lay off faculty.

(Cate) We haven't changed course simply because people have had an outcry, but we certainly accept their premise for what they're suggesting. We never wanted to do most of these things anyway.

(Host) Cate says the school will use federal stimulus money to prevent additional staff cuts. The plan is also based on the school getting a $40 million appropriation from the Vermont Legislature.

UVM has also cut bonuses for administrators and will re-invest about $3 million back into academic programs. Cate says that could mean that some of the part time faculty who were let go this winter can be re-hired.


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