Early reports say sugaring season successful

04/10/09 7:04AM By Ross Sneyd

(Host) The sap's still running in some parts of Vermont.

But even where the maple sugaring season is over, there are reports that it was a good one.

Catherine Stevens is the marketing director for the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association.

(Stevens) ``Sugaring season is going very, very well. It has ended in the southern counties of the state, but it is still going strongly in the top half of the state.''

(Host) There's been snow in some areas of northern Vermont. Warmer afternoons have allowed sugarmakers to continue getting sap and boiling it into syrup.

Industry leaders say there's been a jump in the number of sugarmakers this year because prices have been high. Some producers have expanded the number of taps they put out.

Stevens says she's hopeful that all of Vermont's sugarmakers will have had a successful year.

(Stevens) ``I hate to give a prediction like that because of course it's based on a season that's still going on. However, from what I am hearing, most people are close to a full crop or over a full crop. And many of those folks are still producing, so I would say that's a good indicator that it's been a good and is a good year for us.''

(Host) The sugaring season is also still going on in northern Maine and Quebec. Those regions are the top competitors with Vermont for maple syrup bragging rights.


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