In all, 33 towns supported closing of nuke plant

03/04/09 3:13PM

Organizers of a campaign to close Vermont Yankee nuclear plant say 33 towns voted in favor a measure urging state lawmakers to pull the plug on it.

The non-binding resolution was passed Tuesday at town meetings in Brattleboro, Brookline, Calais, Charlotte, Corinth, Charleston, Craftsbury, Dummerston, Duxbury, East Montpelier, Greensboro, Guilford, Halifax, Hinesburg, Holland, Lincoln, Marshfield, Middlesex, Marlboro, Montpelier, Newfane, Plainfield, Putney, Richmond, Shrewsbury, Townshend, Tunbridge, Warren, Westfield, Westminster, Windham, Woodbury and Worcester.

Organizer Dan DeWalt says the measure was tabled in Walden and defeated in Topsham, Bolton and Glover. In Bolton and Glover, voters approved a separate item about shoring up the decommissioning fund.

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