Town won't fund enforcement of nudity ban

03/04/09 3:08PM

Nudists will be able to return to Lake Willoughby's Southwest Cove this summer without worrying the town will demand they cover up.

On Tuesday's Town Meeting Day, voters in the town of Westmore opted not to appropriate $25,000 to enforce a ban on nudity.

For decades, the beach at Southwest Cove has been what nudists call "clothing optional." But some people say they should be able to use the beach without seeing naked people

Last summer, the Selectboard decided against enacting an anti-nudity ordinance aimed at Lake Willoughby sunbathers, partly because the town doesn't have a way to enforce it. Town officials had said any effort to ban nudity needed to include money to enforce the ban. Town Clerk Greg Gallagher says voters were solidly against the spending proposal.

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