It's Town Meeting Day across Vermont

03/03/09 6:37PM By Nina Keck

(Host) It's Town Meeting Day across Vermont.

Voters are electing municipal leaders and deciding issues large and small.

Election officials in Rutland say it's been a fairly quiet day at the polls. Hurley Cavacas has been monitoring voting at Rutland's Legion Post - one of four polling places in the city.

(Cavacas) "It's been slow but steady - a constant steady stream, but a lot less numbers of course than we've seen in the fall. I'm not sure if it's the lack of races - or not as many races as there was before. But definitely we've noticed a big difference."

(Host) Voters in Rutland are selecting a mayor as well as filling six seats on the city's Board of Aldermen.

There's also a mayor's race in Burlington. Incumbent Bob Kiss is running for a second three-year term.

This is Burlington's second use of instant runoff voting. That allows voters to rank their choices for mayor. If no candidate gets 50% of the vote in the first round, second choices are counted to determine a winner.


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