22 towns vote to block Vermont Yankee from operating beyond 2012

03/03/09 6:14PM

Voters in 22 Vermont towns say they want the state Legislature to stop Vermont Yankee nuclear plant from operating past its scheduled 2012 closing.

Voters in Brookline, Calais, Charlotte, Corinth, Charleston, Dummerston, East Montpelier, Greensboro, Guilford, Hinesburg, Holland, Newfane, Plainfield, Putney, Richmond, Townshend, Westfield, Westminster, Windham, Woodbury and Worcester also passed versions of the measure.

So says campaign organizer Dan DeWalt, of Newfane, who says the measure was tabled in Walden and defeated in Topsham and Bolton, where voters rebuffed the call for blocking the plant's relicensing Monday night but approved a measure that seeks to shore up the decommissioning fund.

Vermont Yankee spokesman Rob Williams says most Vermonters feel that nuclear energy has to be part of the mix for reducing fossil fuel use and supporting the econmmy. He says the plant's owners are focusing on keeping the plant reliable and productive, which he says is what makes the best case for continued operation.

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