Workers at IBM say they haven't gotten much information about layoffs

01/27/09 11:10AM By Ross Sneyd

Photo courtesy of IBM
(Host) IBM began informing employees this morning if they'd be losing their jobs.

Workers say they haven't gotten much information from managers about the layoffs.

Earl Mongeon works at the plant and is a leader of Alliance@IBM, a labor group that's trying to form a union.

He works an overnight shift and describes how some of his co-workers were informed of the job cuts.

(Mongeon) "I'm thinking there were probably five in my department that had been cut. And how many other people in other departments? I mean, in all, I know of about 15 people that were cut last night.''

(Host) We'll hear more from Earl Mongeon in a few minutes, during Vermont Edition.

The union organizers have been critical of the company for not disclosing more information.

IBM executives have not been available to talk to the media about the layoffs and workers say they're not being told how many people are affected.

As the state's largest manufacturer and one of its largest employers, news at IBM is closely followed by state officials.

But the company hasn't shared much information with the state, either. Governor Jim Douglas' office says the company has not contacted him with any news.

Photo courtesy of IBM



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