VT Edition: Neal Lunderville and Susan Bartlett on reducing the state budget

01/23/09 1:40PM By Bob Kinzel
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The Vermont House has recommended a cut in the statewide property tax rate next year; in the Senate, a wide-ranging bill that would crack down on sex crimes won final approval earlier today; IBM's Vermont factory is hurting because fewer cell phones and personal computers are being sold; Vermont could become the first state with a "smart" electric grid.

On Thursday, Governor Jim Douglas outlined his plan for shrinking the state's budget by 20% to meet falling revenues. Now lawmakers begin the work of debating his proposal, including at least 600 layoffs of state workers, an increase in premiums and co-pays for some Medicaid programs and reductions in school spending. VPR's Bob Kinzel's talks with Administration Secretary, Neale Lunderville and Senate Appropriations Chairwoman, Susan Bartlett about these issues.

Editor's Note: VPR lost communication with the Montpelier Studio during the broadcast of this interview resulting in a shorter than normal segment.

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