Sounds of 2008: A work horse retires

12/29/08 5:50PM

Jane Lindholm
  (Host) We're spending time reviewing some of the news of the past year through our Sounds of 2008 series.

This afternoon, we revisit the retirement of a work horse at the Vermont Air National Guard.

An F-16-c fighter jet nicknamed the Lethal Lady flew a final mission in November. The Lethal Lady was the longest-flying jet of its kind in the U.S.

Colonel T.J. Jackman was at the controls when the plane landed for the final time after 7,205 flying hours.

(Jackman) "She's an incredible bird. We've been through some pretty tough situations together over the years, several times in Iraq. She's never let me down; she's never let anyone down on the ground. So it was very bittersweet. I actually sat there and paused for a bit when we shut down because I realized that's the last time I'm going to get to fly her."

(Host) Parts from the plane will be used to repair other F-16s owned by the Vermont Air Guard. The rest of the jet was destined for scrap. But after an outcry, the Guard decided the plane will be put on permanent display in Vermont.

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Longest flying F-16c flies final mission in Vt.

Photo: Jane Lindholm


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