Sounds of 2008: Dam Removal

12/26/08 7:30AM

(Host) We look back again now to some of the events of the past year in our Sounds of 2008 series.

In Northfield, it was the sound of water flowing freely again that made news.

In September, excavation crews removed an old concrete dam from Cox Brook, a tributary of the Dog River.

Removing the aging dam eliminated a hazard. And it also opened up miles of spawning habitat for wild trout.

Biologist Madeline Lyttle of the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service says everyone on the project was dedicated to improving the environment.

(Little) "These equipment operators have been rescuing fish in their hard hats. It's been great watching them. They'll see a fish in a pond, the fish can't get out of the way, and they'll jump out of their equipment, and they'll scoop them up in their hard hats and gingerly put them down river. Everybody cares about the fish. It's great."

(Host) And now, the water flows freely over the rocks in Cox Brook. And the fish will be able to make up their way upstream this spring.

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Dam removal begins in Northfield

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