Sounds of 2008: Gay Marriage

12/29/08 7:30AM

(Host) And now, the Sounds of 2008, where we're reviewing the top stories of the past year.

In April, a commission completed nearly a year of studying whether Vermont should legalize full marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.

The commission appointed by legislative leaders stopped short of recommending gay marriage.

But it said it heard overwhelming testimony from those who believe civil unions for same-sex couples are not equal to marriage.

Former lawmaker Tom Little was chairman of the commission.

(Little) "We're asking people to take what these Vermonters - these gay and lesbian couples and their friends and families - what they said seriously, and to take a serious look at the deficiencies that they believe they have in their legal and social and family lives.''

(Host) The report came too late for the Legislature to act on it last spring. But several lawmakers say they'll introduce a bill in the next session to authorize gay marriage. Governor Jim Douglas says he doesn't support it.

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Commission stops short of recommending gay marriage

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