Sounds of 2008: Darren Tardif

12/26/08 5:50PM

(Host) And now our Sounds of 2008 series, where we're reviewing the events of the past year.

In the Northeast Kingdom, law enforcement was an issue in the village of Island Pond and the surrounding town of Brighton.

For years, town Constable Ted Miller stirred controversy because he wasn't shy about using his radar gun on speeders.

Many of those who got tickets were tourists. So 27-year-old landscaper Darren "Bucky'' Tardif ran against Miller for Constable. Tardif explained in February that he wouldn't ticket so many speeders.

(Tardif): Me myself, I would write more warnings for stuff like that and I would also go walk around town and stuff, ride a bike and get to know the youngsters a little better, that way they know I'm here for them and they can trust me and I can trust them.''

(Host) Tardif ended up winning on Town Meeting Day. But he failed to get into the police academy. And the town of Brighton has now established a police department. So the elected constable isn't so important anymore.

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Vote due on Island Pond constable re-election

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