Sounds of 2008: Alexander Solzhenitsyn & Hayden Carruth

12/25/08 5:50PM

(Host) And now Sounds of 2008, our series looking back at the events of the year.

We pause to remember two people who died this year. For a while, they called Vermont home.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was one of them. The great Russian author settled in Cavendish after he was banished from his homeland.

He stayed 18 years - until reforms in Russia permitted him to return. When he died in August, Cavendish paused to remember the time he said goodbye, just before he returned to Russia.

( Solzhenitsyn speaks in Russian.)

(Host) Speaking again through an interpreter, Solzhenitsyn thanked residents for their understanding and for protecting his privacy.
September brought the death of poet Hayden Carruth, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. For 25 years, he lived - and wrote - in the Northeast Kingdom.

And he was also a musician, which he spoke about in an interview.

(Carruth)"So you have to just say what you feel, what your subjective reaction to the music is and if you do it intelligently and with good observation then people will respond to it.''

(Host) Two world-renowned artists who spent many years in Vermont. Part of the Sounds of 2008.

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Residents of Cavendish remember Alexander Solzhenitsyn as a neighbor

Remembrance: Poet Hayden Carruth, voice of the Northeast Kingdom

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