Sounds of 2008: Louis Peck & Tom Fagan

12/25/08 6:30AM

(Host) In our series Sounds of 2008, we're reviewing the events of the past year.

And as in any year, we mark the passing of some of the people who've made news over the years.

In May, former Vermont Supreme Court Justice Louis Peck died at 89.

Secretary of State Deb Markowitz worked for Peck on the court and remembered him fondly.

(Markowitz) "He was extremely literary and he spent hours and hours writing very eloquent dissents and he would pile through literary books, Shakespeare and poets and other Old English authors to find the right quote. He'd know what it was and he'd have to find where it came from to make his legal arguments not only more compelling but also more interesting to read.''

(Host) And just before Halloween, the man behind Rutland's annual parade died. Mr. Halloween Tom Fagan died at the age of 76.

Kendall Wild, retired editor of the Rutland Herald, remembered Fagan's reputation.

(Wild) "When he was in high school - the Paramount theater showed movies in those days - and they were showing a Dracula film and Tom went up on the balcony with a basket full of live bats and released them over the audience down below.'' (laughs)

(Host) Just a couple of the Vermonters who passed away in the past year.

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Former Supreme Court Justice Peck dies at 89

Rutland's "Mr. Halloween" dies

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