Sounds of 2008: High School Sports

12/24/08 6:30AM

AP/D. Cannon
(Host) Our year-end review of the news continues now with the Sounds of 2008 series.

This morning, we turn to high school sports.

In January, two freshmen from Montpelier High School asked the Vermont Principals Association to alter rules that would let them compete in cross-country running.

Chris Keller explains.

(Keller) "What we're trying to do is to change one of the VPA's policies that says that athletes that participate in so-called individual sports such as cross-country running or track and field can't go to another school and participate on that school's team, whereas they can do that in sports such as football or soccer.''

(Host) Keller and teammate Liam McSweeney wanted to run for nearby U-32 High School. But the Principals Association's rules didn't allow it.

McSweeney made the argument that cross-country was no different than other sports.

(McSweeney) "I mean, cross country is a team sport. I mean if you ask any coach they'll say that the biggest prize is the team state championship. So really, to call it an individual sport is just a false statement.''

(Host) The students won the support of Montpelier's school board.

But when they went before the Vermont Principals Association, they lost their cause. Both say they continue to run.

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High School students hope to change sports rules

AP Photo/Deborah Cannon
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