Sounds of 2008: Cassatt

12/22/08 5:47PM

(Host) As the holidays approach, we're taking some time to review the year through our Sounds of 2008 series. And this summer at the Shelburne Museum, there were sights to go along with the sounds.

The museum mounted a major show with the work of American impressionist painter Mary Cassatt.

Cassatt is perhaps best known for her mother-and-child portraits, many of which are loan from private collections and other museums.

Museum Director Stephan Jost said the exhibit was important to the Shelburne because of the artist's connection with the museum's founder.

(Jost) "Mary Cassatt makes a lot of sense for the Shelburne Museum because the founder of the Shelburne Museum, Electra Havemeyer Webb, was a close personal friend of Mary Cassatt. And her mother, Louisine Havemeyer, and Mary Cassatt were probably best friends. Mary Cassatt served as the art adviser to Louisine Havemeyer. So that's one of the major reasons why the Havemeyers bought so many great Impressionist paintings.''

(Host) The Shelburne Museum. One of the sights - and Sounds of 2008.

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Interview: Stephen Jost on a new Mary Cassatt exhibit at the Shelburne Museum




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