Sounds of 2008: Rain

12/22/08 6:30AM

(Host) We're listening to the Sounds of 2008 as we review the news of the past year. And throughout the summer, it was the sound of rain that defined our days.

There were record amounts of rainfall in many communities.

And throughout the state there was flooding. In Rutland. Central Vermont. Addison County got hit more than once.

In August, Vermont Emergency Management Director Barbara Farr monitored the situation at midday as the rain poured out of the sky - and down roads.

(Farr) "There's flooding throughout probably three-quarters of the northern part of the state. We have evacuations in Hancock and Middlebury. Ripton is getting quite a bit of rain right now.''

(Host) It was bad enough and there was so much rain that the federal government declared most of the summer a single weather event. The qualified the state for assistance from Washington to repair damage.

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Storms cause flooding in many Vermont towns

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