Sounds of 2008: Tom Salmon

12/19/08 6:35AM

AP Photo/T.Talbot
(Host) We turn to politics now in "Sounds of 2008,'' our review of the year's news.

In June, state Auditor Tom Salmon got called to active duty with the U.S. Naval Reserve and he was deployed to Iraq.

As he prepared to ship out for a nine-month tour, Salmon announced he would run for re-election. Even though he wouldn't be able to campaign.

(Salmon) "A directive from the Pentagon in February 2008 indicates that you cannot manage a campaign, you cannot perform any political activity while on active duty. So, it will be a nonpolitical race from my standpoint.''

(Host) The Republicans decided against fielding a candidate, so Salmon's son, Buster, got the opportunity to make a victory speech on behalf of his father.

(Buster Salmon) "As you saw with the last election, with the recount, every vote counts. So I really appreciate what everyone's done for him. Hopefully he'll be home safe and sound pretty soon. And thank you. Thank you all, very much.''

(Host) Some of the Sounds of 2008.

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Salmon deployed to the Middle East

Salmon's son gives acceptance speech

AP Photo/Toby Talbot

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