Sounds of 2008: Scoville Lab

12/18/08 7:35AM

(Host) And now back to the "Sounds of 2008,'' our review of the year's news.

We turn to a poignant dedication ceremony at the Statehouse.

Sixteen years ago, in Stowe, Patricia Scoville was raped and killed.

Her parents worked tirelessly to find the killer. Along the way, they persuaded the Legislature to establish a DNA databank to help solve crimes.

So, in May, the state crime lab was dedicated to Scoville's memory. Her mother, Ann, spoke.

(Scoville) "We felt like we did our part by telling Patty's story. And this is such an honor and I am so humbled.''

(Host) The dedication came just five months after Howard Godfrey was convicted of Patricia Scoville's murder. The crime was solved through a D-N-A match.

Click on the link below to listen to the entire story.  Click here to listen to the entire Sounds of 2008 series.

Vermont Crime Lab dedicated to memory of murder victim:

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