Sounds of 2008: DUI Law

12/18/08 6:35AM

(Host) In "Sounds of 2008,'' our year-end review of the news, we turn to a somber topic. Victims of crime.

In March, Cathy Fournier traveled to Montpelier with several hundred friends and family to ask legislators to toughen drunken driving laws. Only four months earlier, her 18-year-old son Nick, was killed by a drunken driver. She spoke after a rally.

(Fournier) "We really want to make a change for other families. It is very difficult every day for us to go through what we go through. But if we can make a change in the laws to save another family, to save another life, and protect another family from going through the tragedy that we have, that's our main goal."

(Host) Moved by the Fournier family's story, the Legislature did stiffen drunken driving penalties.

We'll hear more of the Sounds of 2008 in the next hour. To hear the story, click on the link below.  To hear the entire series, click here.

Family of teenager killed in drunken-driving crash want DUI penalties stiffened:

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