Sounds of 2008: Bailout protest

12/17/08 10:56AM

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(Host) This month, we're reviewing the news of the year by listening back to the ``Sounds of 2008.''

Today, the financial crisis. Wall Street's collapse echoed from Main Street to State Street to Capitol Hill.

In September, as Congress debated a 700 billion dollar bailout of the financial industry, many voters raised their voices in protest.

Ilya Sheyman of the group True Majority was among demonstrators who rallied in Burlington.

(Protesters) ``No deal for Wall Street. New deal for Main Street.

(Sheyman) "We need relief for Main Street and that's why we're gathering on Main Street instead of Wall Street. We want to show the contrast we're providing for the wealthy people on Wall Street and the relief right here in towns like Burlington for ordinary Americans trying to keep their homes.''

(Host) Congress ended up passing a bailout. But that didn't stop the protests. Many congressmen had to answer to voters during the campaign.

In the next hour, we'll listen to Congressman Peter Welch on the bailout.

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Protesters frustrated by Wall Street bailout 



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