Sounds of 2008: National Guard

12/16/08 5:55PM

(Host) VPR is sampling some of the sounds in the news as the year comes to an end.

This time, we hear from the Vermont National Guard First Colonel Terry Lambert.

He spoke this fall as a memorial was dedicated at Camp Johnson. The memorial honors those members of the Guard who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(Lambert) "Our nation asked our sons and daughters to answer the call to arms. And so they did. And they did it with typical Green Mountain Boy manner: selfless service and unparalleled patriotrism. Let this memorial forever be a symbol of their sacrifice on our behalf.''

(Host) Earlier, in June, General Michael Dubie gave notice that another 19-hundred soldiers will be headed to Afghanistan in 2010.

(Dubie) "Do I think that the Vermont deployment will go somewhere? Yeah, I do. Because it seems that we're committed worldwide in a way that the Army needs the 86th Brigade. That's just the way it is.''

(Host) These are just a few of the Sounds of 2008.

If you remember some sounds that you'd like to hear, click here to tell us or to listen to other sounds of 2008 in our series. Click on the links below to listen to the original stories.

Vermont National Guard dedicates monument to fallen members:

General Dubie says large deployment expected in next 18 months:



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