Sounds of 2008: Presidential Visits

12/15/08 7:35AM

(Host) As the year comes to a close, VPR is revisiting some of the "Sounds of 2008" during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

We'll hear voices in the news and voices that distinguished the year in other ways.

This time, in our series ... the voices of presidential candidates and their supporters ... that we heard early in the year during the primary season.

For once, with the Democratic race undecided in early March, Vermont got some attention in a national campaign.

(Clinton) "My political ambitions stretch as far as to helping my Mom be my president.'' (:04)

(McCain) "My friends I'm here, to start with, I'm asking for your vote on Tuesday. I need it. I want it. I want to win in Vermont. And I would be very honored by your support.'' (:09)

(Delaney) "We've just heard that Barack Obama has been declared the winner of the 2008 presidential race, nationally, by The Associated Press at one minute after 11 o'clock.'' (:11)

(Host) Chelsea Clinton campaigned in Burlington for her mother, Senator Hillary Clinton, during the primary.

John McCain held a rally in a hangar at the Burlington airport.

And VPR's Steve Delaney announced the results in November.

(Host) You can hear more sounds of 2008 this afternoon during All Things Considered.

Tell us about your favorite sound from the year. Click here to let us know at the Sounds of 2008 web page, where you can find our entire series.

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Chelsea Clinton sweeps through Burlington

McCain visits Vermont

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