Pollina not ruling out another statewide campaign

11/05/08 9:59AM By Steve Zind
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(Steve Zind). For a candidate who fell well short of the incumbent in the race for governor, Anthony Pollina's concession speech conceded nothing. It sounded much like one of his campaign addresses. And Pollina told VPR that he's not ruling out another statewide campaign.

(Pollina) "Even here this evening, a lot of people are beginning to talk about how we're going to start earlier in two years and how they wish the dynamic had been a little bit different from the party leaders from the other party. Political change takes a long time and you have to be persistent and I'm not the kind of person that gives up."

(Zind) Pollina says his showing against Democratic candidate Gaye Symington should encourage Democrats to work with Progressives on future elections. He tried but failed early in his campaign to convince Democratic Party leaders to back him.

For VPR News I'm Steve Zind.

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