Rutland County sees competitive legislative races

11/05/08 9:50AM By Nina Keck
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(Host) Rutland County had some of the state's most competitive legislative races. Republicans targeted several Democrats in the county. But yesterday's election brought mixed results.

VPR's Nina Keck reports.

(Keck) For Rutland County Senators, experience mattered, as all three incumbents won re-election. Democrat Bill Carris came in first, followed by Republicans Kevin Mullin and Hull Maynard. Mullin says the voter approval feels good.

(Mullin) "I think it just says that the voters recognize that the three of us in the Senate have always worked best for Rutland County, have always put aside partisan differences. You know, sitting down, talking with each other and figuring out what's best for Rutland and then fighting for it. And I think that's the message."

(Keck) What about the message voters sent in local House races? Two years ago, in a surprise upset, Democrats swept all four House seats in Rutland City. Republicans worked hard to win them back, but only one Republican - newcomer Peter Fagen - was successful. Democrats Steve Howard, Peg Andrews and Gale Courcelle all hung on to their seats. Courcelle says it was a hard fought battle.

(Courcelle) "They were hoping to take those seats back that they had taken for granted. But I think with Obama and the whole thing it is a national sort of change. I sort of felt that the last time, but this time also that aided me and aided all the Democrats."

(Keck) Courcelle says it feels good to have the election over. But she won't be sleeping in just yet. She plans to be up early again this morning for one more honk and wave - only this time her sign will say thanks.

For VPR news, I'm Nina Keck in Rutland.



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