Statewide results at a glance

11/04/08 8:40PM

The Associated Press is reporting  with 7% of precincts reporting that Brian Dubie has 60% of the vote for Lt. Governor, Thomas Costello with 35%, Richard Kemp with 3% and Ben Mitchel with 1% of the vote.

With 7% of precints reporting,  Jeb Spaulding has 92% of the vote for Treasurer, with Don Schramm at 6% and Murray Ngoima with 2% of the vote.

With 6% of precints reporting, Deb Markowitz has 62% of the vote for Secretary of State with Eugene Bifano at 26%, Marjorie Power at 4% and Leslie Marmorale with 1% of the vote .

With 6% of precints reporting, Thomas Salmon has 87 % of the vote for Auditor with Martha Abbott with 9% and Jerry Levy with 4%.

With 6% of prenints reporting, William Sorrell has 70% of the vote with Karen Kerin at 23%, Charlotte Dennett with 5% and Rosemarie Jackowski at 2%.




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