Underhill man keeps art of wooden canoe restoration alive

07/22/08 2:58PM By Sarah Ashworth
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Photo/Jerry Swope
Before the 1960's, most canoes were made of wood, with a thick canvas covering.  Today, fiberglass, plastics and high tech materials are used, and wooden canoes have for the most part been relegated to collector's items.  But one Underhill resident is keeping the art of well-crafted wooden canoes alive.  John Connell runs a small workshop out of an old 19th century barn, where he can restore a canoe for around $1500, or build a new one for about double that price.  VPR's Sarah Ashworth recently visited Connell in his workshop as he worked to restore a canoe from the early 20th century. Click here to see the canoe restoration photo gallery.

Click here to view the canoe restoration audio slideshow

 Photo/Jerry Swope



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