Interview with Art Cohn aboard the Lois McClure

07/02/08 7:49AM By Mitch Wertlieb
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AP Photo/Alden Pellet
The Lois McClure arrives in Burlington, on the way to Quebec City.
Celebrations will take place tomorrow in Quebec City as Quebeckers mark the 400th anniversary of the founding of their city, and Vermont will be well represented by the crew of the replica schooner Lois McClure.

Art Cohn is aboard the ship, which arrived in Quebec City's harbor this week. Cohn is the Director of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, and he's pretty excited about the McClure's part in the commemoration, as well as the precursor to next year's 400th anniversary of the arrival of Samuel de Champlain to the lake that bears his name.

Cohn is also relieved that the McClure made it to Quebec City during some pretty rough weather recently.

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AP Photo/Alden Pellet


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