VT Edition: Neale Lunderville, Tim Searles & Susan Bartlett on easing heating costs

06/30/08 1:41PM By Jane Lindholm
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State leaders say a key program that helps low-income Vermonters pay for winter heat is at least $19 million short this year due to high fuel prices. Agencies that provide low-income services say if the federal government can't provide the funds then the state needs to act. But legislative leaders say there are no easy answers to the question of how low-income Vermonters will pay their heating bills, and that the problem extends to middle-income households and the small businesses that are selling fuel, too.

Senator Susan Bartlett, chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Tim Searles, executive director of the Champlain Office of Economic Opportunity and Neale Lunderville, who co-chairs  a task force on rising fuel costs join VPR's Jane Lindholm to look at whether federal and state government can ease the concern about heating costs.


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