Voices from the week's news - May 30, 2008

05/30/08 4:15PM By Patti Daniels
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Here are some of the voices in this week's news.

Pollina will stay in the race

(Progressive gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina) "So I thought it was best that we come together here in the sunlight to end the political spin, to bury the myths and to end the speculation and to outline a strategy for winning the office of governor of Vermont."

Board of Education names acting Commissioner

(Acting Commissioner Bill Talbot) "This is a new role for me. I want to get my feet on the ground, I want to see what it's like. I think I bring some things to this job but I'm just going to keep an open mind on whether I'm part of that."

Cuban-Americans challenge travel ban

(Allen Gilbert, Vermont ACLU) "The government can indeed sometimes restrict a fundamental constitutional liberty, but it has to have a really good reason in doing so. And it also has to have a solution to a problem that's narrowly tailored. In other words, if it wants to restrict travel to Cuba it has to explain why and it has to show that that policy is having the desired effect. We don't think that's happening in this case."

Interview: Mark Bosma on the Vermont Yankee evacuation drill

(Mark Bosma, Vermont Emergency Management) "We get the timing down. We figure out how long it would take to get them there. We load the school kids on the bus, figure out how long that would take. We get the timeliness of it and figure out if anything needs to be improved.''

Hemp bill becomes law without Douglas' signature

(Rep. Will Stevens) "I don't know that anybody in the Ag Committee believes that raising hemp will save the family farm. But I think it's one more tool in the crop mix and in the array of things that particularly small-scale producers can grow. It will provide an opportunity for some niche marketing and niche production.''

Small gas stations also feel the squeeze of high prices

(Andrea Curler, gas retailer) "We used to let even the regulars or the people we know pump gas first and then come in and pay. We're now not doing that. We require everybody to prepay for gas. Because we've actually had people even we know drive off with gas without paying.''

CVPS unveils hybrid utility truck

(CVPS Fleet Manager Dan Mackey) "So if you think about that in the course of an hour, you've got about 75 percent of the time in which this is going to be running on electricity. If you look the cost of diesel fuel is about $4.76 a gallon, I think it's the right way to go."


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