Audio Postcard: Barre

05/29/08 11:43AM By Steve Zind
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Photo/Steve Zind
Two things have long defined the city: immigration and granite.

By the late 1800s, Barre's quarries and stone sheds were humming - and among those whose skills were in great demand were stone carvers from Italy.

A drive down Main Street provides some wonderful examples of their work: At one end of town there's a large statue of a the other end, a sculpture of Scottish poet Robert Burns, carved by Italian immigrants.

But the greatest tribute to their artistry is on a hill outside of town. It's a place where some of their best work is displayed, and where many of them are buried. VPR's Steve Zind stopped by this week to take a look and hear some of the stories of the people whose lives shaped Barre City.


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