In search of the fiddlehead fern

04/30/09 12:50PM
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This Saturday marks the second annual Fiddleheads Festival in Randolph. The festival's name is a bit misleading, it's not completely devoted to fiddlehead ferns; instead it's meant to be a general celebration of spring-- the only time of year when fiddlehead ferns are available. The spiral-shaped, unfurled fronds of fern leaves can be found throughout Vermont, and most people eat fiddleheads as they would any leafy vegetable.

Albany, Vermont residents Les Hook and Nova Kim are experts in collecting wild edibles and they're the ones in charge of bringing the fiddleheads to Saturday's festival. The two have been together for nearly 30 years, and they run wild edible workshops throughout the state. They also collect and sell wild mushrooms...and area restaurants and CSA's. VPR's Sarah Ashworth joined them recently as they went hunting for fiddleheads near Waterbury.


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