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04/18/08 12:50PM By Patti Daniels
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The state budget and the economy were front and center in the news this week. Also at the Statehouse, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant was scrutinized, protesters drew attention to human rights in Tibet, spring weather lightened many people's moods and one Vermont woman prepared to compete for a spot on the U.S. Olympic marathon team. These are some of the voices in the news this week:

Tibetan human rights protestors march on Statehouse
(Protest chants.) "We want free Tibet! We want free Tibet! China lie, people die! China lie, people die!"
Sonam Chophel, Tibetan Association of Vermont) "We want to let people, Americans and, of course, people of Vermont know how is the situation inside Tibet.''

Some lawmakers questioning federal review of Yankee plant
(Rep. Tony Klein) "And I asked them whether or not they would step up their level of scrutiny for plants that were operating long after than what were designed for. Do they change their way of doing things? And I think the answer I got was ‘no'."

Vermont's economic forecast is bleak
(Economist Jeffrey Carr) "Let's use the word that everybody in my profession has been scared to use. It's a recession."

Sanders pushing for a second economic stimulus package
(Sen. Bernie Sanders) "This president does not have the political courage to ask the people to pay for the war, so it's our kids and grandchildren that are paying for it. Our currency is weaker, our dollar is falling, people are paying more and more for oil - outrageously high prices for oil. So I don't think there are too many economists who would tell you that the war in Iraq is not having a deleterious impact on our economy."

Climatologist explains warm April sun
(Climatologist Alan Betts) "So there's a two-week window now until the leaves burst open when all the sun's heat is heating up the ground and going back into the atmosphere, basically as hot air."

Maple sugaring season comes to a close
(Brian Stowe, Proctor Maple Research Center) "One side of a hill can have a very good season and a neighbor can have a mediocre or poor season. So kind of a mixed bag. "But I wouldn't worry. There's going to be syrup to be had. Definitely go and check out your local producer and buy syrup.''

Kasie Enman competes in Olympic marathon trials
(Marathoner Kasie Enman) "For me, qualifying for this race is like my own little Olympics. Being there is just a huge privilege."




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