Sugarhouses open for visitors this weekend

03/28/08 12:38PM By Melody Bodette

(Host) Sugarhouses across the state will be demonstrating the art of sugarmaking this weekend, and they'll open their doors to visitors.

Rick Marsh is President of the Vermont Maple Sugarmakers' Association. He says it hasn't been a great year, but producers have planned ahead:

(Marsh) "It's really not running right now up in the Northwestern part of the state where I'm at, but it's run the past couple days. I know a lot of sugarmakers have saved their sap, so they will definitely be boiling tomorrow."

(Host)  Marsh says it looks like Sunday will be a better day if you want to see sap flowing. The southern part of the state and the Champlain Valley have seen a good start to the season, but its been difficult in the rest of the state:

(Marsh) "A lot of sugarmakers, I feel very sorry, they've been battling deep, deep snow. And record snowfall, along with below normal temperatures, so it's been a hard season for many producers."

(Host)  Visitors this weekend can see boiling, reverse osmosis, and other sugar making techniques, as well as buy some syrup.

Marsh says some sugarhouses will also be collection donations of syrup to be sent to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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