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03/28/08 12:50PM By Patti Daniels
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Around the state this week concern continued over a credit card security breach at a grocery chain, and the Senate Judiciary Committee came to Rutland to look at rural drug problems. At the Statehouse a bill was debated to protest river banks from development, a new a report shined a spotlight on affordable housing, and the friends a teen killed by a drunk driver lobbied for tougher DUI laws.

Here are some of the voices in the news this week:


New report says home ownership out of reach for many

(VHFA Director Sarah Carpenter) "There is still a big gap in what first-time homeowners can afford and what we know is on the market.... We are seeing a modest stabilization of housing values this year and we expect that to continue for probably the next 18 months.''


State officials satisfied with handling of security breach

(Deputy Commissioner of Banking Tom Candon) "Some banks and credit unions have issued cards. Others are saying that they will immediately reissue a card to anybody who had shopped at Hannafords. A bank that has hundreds of thousands of credit cards out there cannot be expected to reissue those cards every time there's a breech that's announced."


Leahy, Specter take testimony on problems of rural crime

(Sen. Patrick Leahy) "The myth is still alive that drug abuse and drug-related crimes are only big city problems. We need a fresh look at drug crime through the lens and the experience of smaller cities and rural communities.''


Bill to establish buffer along lakes, rivers sidelined

(Representative David Deen Deen) "The areas in question - the riparian buffers - are some of the most valuable natural resources for the protection of our waters, and that the potential exists for uncoordinated, unplanned, and piecemeal development in these unusually effective pollution prevention areas along our waters.''

Family of teenager killed in drunken-driving crash want DUI penalties stiffened

(Rep. Kathy LaVoie) "I know that Nick is smiling down from heaven wishing he could run the room giving out hugs and flashing his smile. Your presence today, no matter how short it was, has made a difference, just as Nick's life made a difference despite his short time with us. Our success in strengthening DUI laws will be measured by some through our ability to persevere and our willingness to compromise. Persevere we must, compromise we must not."


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