Voices from the week's news - March 21, 2008

03/21/08 3:00PM By Patti Daniels
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The fifth anniversary of the Iraq war dominated the national new this week. Here in Vermont other stories were also on our mind: The cost of prisons, judicial retention and access to mental health care were on our minds this week. Governor Jim Douglas reiterated his opposition to Instant Run-off Voting, and Vermont's basketball team The Frost Heaves played an all-star tournament in Barre.

Here are some voices in the news this week:

Guard leaders expect large-scale deployment

(Staff Sgt. Alaria O'Brien) "Some people, right now in our state, it is in their vested interest that they not get completely over it. Because they may still have other deployments that they may be going on. We're not done with this."

Housing bill wins early approval in Vt. House

(Rep. Lucy Leriche) "What we have in Vermont is a crisis that employers are talking about. We're losing out on economic development opportunities because we don't have mid priced or affordable housing for them."

Bennington County judge will keep her job

(Rep. William Jewett) ``I've got to say if we had reviewed this judge without that DVD evidence, I think we would be much less inclined to recommend her retention. That DVD evidence was what, in fact, made us feel comfortable with this judge in recommending her for retention.''

Mental health parity legislation gets preliminary approval

(Sen. Jeannette White) "And although we are looked to as one of the best mental health parity states in the country we have not achieved that parity."

Two bills face likely veto

(Governor Jim Douglas) "I don't support it, it's a hypothetical election it's not one person one vote as I see it I really believe that it's not the kind of change in our electoral system that would be in the state's best interests."

Senate approves bill aimed at slowing growth of Vt's corrections budget

(Sen. Dick Sears) "The cost of one bed at Dale Correctional facility here in Waterbury for one year is equivalent to 6 Vermont students getting full tuition at the University of Vermont which is the better investment that Vermonters really want to make?"

Vermont Frost Heaves host ABA all-star tournament in Barre

(Frost Heaves player Antonio Burks) "You won't ever catch me dunking anything. I can't even jump over a piece of paper. "


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