Hannaford supermarket chain reports data breach

03/18/08 6:36AM

If you shop at Hannaford, you better start checking your bank accounts.

The supermarket chain says a security breach led to theft of customer credit and debit card numbers from more than 200 stores, including those in Vermont.

Carol Eleazer, Hannaford's vice president of marketing, says the number of unique credit and debit card numbers that may be at risk is about 4.2 million, and that there have been about 1,800 cases of fraud related to the security breach reported so far.

The credit and debit card numbers were stolen during the card authorization transmission process, but Hannaford says no personal information like names, addresses or telephone numbers was divulged.

Hannaford found out about suspicious credit card activity February 27th. They've since found out the breach began December 7th. They say it was contained as of March 10th.

Customers are being urged to monitor their credit and debit cards for unusual transactions and to report any problems to authorities.


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