VT Edition Interview: Scott Darling and Peter Youngbaer on Bat White Nose Syndrome

03/13/08 1:33PM By Jane Lindholm
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Scientists know that bats with white fungus on their noses are dying in caves and mines across the Northeast. They know that more than 90 % of infected bats in New York caves have died, and they know the disease is spreading in Vermont. But beyond that, the scientific community is baffled by what is killing our region's bats. VPR's Jane Lindholm talks with bat biologist, Scott Darling, from the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Peter Youngbaer, the president of the Vermont Cavers' Association, about how they're investigating the disease, and about the role bats play in our ecosystem.

Watch Jane Lindhom's Audio Slideshow of Her Visit to the Dorset Cave


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