Killington voters approve Article 8

03/04/08 5:45PM By Nina Keck

(Host) Close to 300 people packed the Sherburne Elementary school gym today for Killington's Town meeting. The most hotly discussed issue? Not the presidential primary. But Article 8 - which asked voters to approve a 1% local option tax on sales, rooms and meals, and alcohol.

The proceeds of the tax would be used to fund a new municipal department of economic development.

Moderator MD Neisner announced the results after over 90 minutes of heated debate.

(MB Neisner) "The results of Article 8 - those in favor - 167. Those opposed - 67. Article 8 passes.


(Host) Proponents had argued that Killington needs to become a year-round destination.

It's expected that the local option tax could raise more than $600,000 a year. 


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