VT Edition Interview: Burton Snowboard's Nate Bosshard & Mad River Glen's Jamey Wimble on "poaching"

12/13/07 3:08PM By Jane Lindholm
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This month the word has gotten out that Burton Snowboards, based here in Vermont, is offering a cash prize for video of snowboarders infiltrating the few skier-only resorts in the U.S.

There are only four such mountains. Burton wants snowboarders to "poach" the ski-only mountains and it's putting up $5,000 in reward money for the best videos that show the proof. They're calling the campaign "Sabotage Stupidity":

One of the four targets in the contest is another venerable Vermont institution, Mad River Glen, in Waitsfield, Vermont.

Nate Bosshard is a brand manager at Burton Snowboards in Burlington. Jamey Wimble is the president and General Manager of Mad River Glen. They spoke with VPR's Jane Lindholm about the challenge.


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