Interview: Michele Boomhower, Affordable Housing Summit

11/16/05 12:00AM By Mitch Wertlieb
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A coalition of public and private groups in Lamoille County is wrestling with a disturbing statistic. At any given time, 12 families in the Lamoille County region are homeless. And officials there say the problem is growing. An effort to improve the situation is underway. There's a summit tomorrow on affordable housing called "The Invisible Population" organized by the Lamoille County Planning Commission.

Michele Boomhower is the Executive Director of the Commission. She recently spoke with Mitch Wertlieb about homeless numbers and the upcoming summit.

Note: The summit on affordable housing is hosted by the Lamoille Valley Housing and Homelessness Coalition. It takes place Friday morning at 8 o'clock at the Johnson State College's Bentley Auditorium.

Lamoille County Planning Commission
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